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Workshop on theory and practice on Gene-Array technology

Monday September 6-2004


“Gene expression profiling using microarrays has become a popular molecular biological approach in the last few years. The availability of complete genome sequence information along with improved technological advances has created a situation where these techniques can be applied in a broad manner, thereby facilitating profiling of large sections of the transcriptosome” (Microarrays Methods and Applications: Nuts & Bolts Gary Hardiman, Ph.D.).



The “Workshop on theory and practice on Gene-Array technology” will provide the participants with knowledge about experimental design, molecular biology principles and methodologies in gene-array experiments. For the symposium a team of speakers from academic institutions and experts from major companies involved in product development in molecular biology field have been put together.
Participants will learn about all most recent development of the technology. In addition, a tutorial program will be organized to guide the participants through the practice of gene-array.
Obtaining a maximal value from gene array experiment involves a team effort that includes tight collaboration between biologists, bioinformatics and software engineers. The NETTAB2004 will offer the unique opportunity to bring together these different scientific communities.



This workshop is intended for scientists who are interested in genomic experiments and wish to learn the basics of gene array technology.



Symposium 9:00-13:00

- Microarray technology from theory to practice: an overview

Gary Hardiman, Director BIOGEM (BioMedical Genomics Microarray Facility) Department of Medicine University of California San Diego La Jolla 92093, California. USA.

- Experimental design for microarray studies

Wolfgang Sommer, Neurotec, Karolinska Institute, Huddinge University Hospital, M 57, S-14186 Stockholm, Sweden.

- Sample preparation, amplification and labeling for array analysis

Franco Martinez, Celbio S.p.A, Milan, Italy.

- Forget limitations of the past: a complete solution for RNA amplification

Annamaria Guiducci, MWG Biotech, Srl I-50127 Florence , Italy.

- Ready...Set...Scan! What's inside a microarray scanner?

Nicola Bortoletto, Bio-Rad Laboratories srl 20090 Segrate (Mi), Italy.

- Basic principles in data analysis and visualization

Pasquale De Luca, SZN-BioGeM, Naples, Italy.

- THE MWG oligo-array concept: Progession is a matter of trust

Lucilla Biagini, MWG Biotech Srl, I-50127 Florence, Italy.



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