Agents in Bioinformatics
July 12th - 14th, 2002

Ex Scuola Ercolani, University of Bologna,
Mura Anteo Zamboni 2b, Bologna, Italy

Telematics Applications in Biotechnology

Biotechnology Department
National Cancer Research Institute - Genova

List of posters

P2 Protein Modeling using Multi-Agent System, Phani Deepak Kandula, Kamalakar Karlapalem, International Institute of Information Technology, India
P3 DNA Sequencing Hybridization Based on Multi-Castes Ant System, C. Bertelle, A. Dutot, F. Guinand, D.Olivier, University of Le Havre, France
P5 An Approximate DNA String Matching Algorithm Using Agents, Kathleen M. Kaplan and John J. Kaplan, Howard University, USA, and George Mason University, USA
P8 How to Establish a Genetic Database - Part II, Jorge Diaz et al., Cuba
P9 How to Establish a Genetic Database - Part I, Jorge Diaz-Castro et al., Cuba
P10 DIAL-B for Bioinformatics: Distributed Intelligent Agents in Lisp for Bioinformatics, D. McShan, I. Shah , University of Colorado Denver, USA
P14 DLPROTEIN a package to model complex biomolecules, Simone Melchionna and Stefano Cozzini, INFN, Italy
P15 Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic Applied to Automated Protein Identification from Tandem Mass Spectrometric Data, Hernandez P, Gras R, Appel RD Swiss Institut of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
P16 A Symmetric Cooperative Metaheuristic for Biological Sequence Clustering Using Local Entropy as Similarity Criterion, N. Zangger, R. Gras, R. D. Appel Swiss Institut of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
P17 Microarray Data Warehousing Concept, Olga Krebs, Rolf Kabbe, Karlheinz Gross, Roland Eils, DKFZ, Germany
P18 BIAgenta system for data integration in bioinformatics based on Multi-Agent, Yong-Long Zhuang, Jesse Li-Ling, Fei Ma ,Yan-Da Li Bejing Institut of Bioinformatics, China
P19 An Ontology similarity algorithm for BioAgent, Rosario Culmone, Gloria Rossi e Emanuela Merelli, University of Camerino, Italy
P20 A Pattern for reactive mobile agent in Genome database annotation, Diego Bonura, Rosario Culmone and Mauro Angeletti, University of Camerino, Italy

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