Network Tools and Applications in Biology
Joint NETTAB 2010 and BBCC 2010 workshops focused on
Biological Wikis
November 29 - December 1, 2010, Naples, Italy
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Campania


You can register to the NETTAB 2010 workshop by using the form below.
You will also be subscribed to the nettab-announce mailing list, if you are not yet. You will then receive a few messages per year. This is not a discussion list, it is an announce mailing list: only the owner of the list can post messages. Don't be afraid of spam messages!
The registration will only be completed after the payment of the registration fee.

Registration fees

NB! The following fees are for the participation in both NETTAB 2010 and BBCC 2010 workshops.

Within October 29, 2010
  • Students: 150.00 Euro
  • Academic: 250.00 Euro
  • Non-academic: 350.00 Euro
After October 29, 2010
  • Students: 180.00 Euro
  • Academic: 300.00 Euro
  • Non-academic: 450.00 Euro

The fee includes: meeting attendance, workshop proceedings, coffee-breaks and lunchs for 29th and 30th November.
Further benefits and social events are under definition.

A discount of 20.00 Euro will be applied for members of the Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS), the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) and the Italian Network for Bioinformatics Oncology.
Researchers from the Campania region and previous invited speakers to both NETTAB and BBCC workshops are welcome to apply for the special "BBCC rate" by writing to Angelo Facchiano by email (info at
Further discounts are under discussion for members of supporting Institutes, Societies and projects.

You can pay the registration fee either by credit card or by bank transfer, according to the following instructions.

  1. Make your payment through the BITS online payment form.
  2. The 'Total amount' to be paid can be defined by checking above fees
  3. The 'Motivation' must be: NETTAB2010 <name surname> <category> [<reduction>]
    NETTAB2010 is a fixed text
    <name surname> refers to the registrant
    <category> is one among Student / Academic / Industry
    <reduction> is one among BITS / ISCB / RNBIO / BBCC (must be omitted when none reduction applies)
    Example: NETTAB2010 Paolo Romano Academic BITS
  4. Take note of the code that is returned at the end of the procedure and insert it in the 'Payment code' field of the registration form.
    This code is in the format BITS-NNNN, where NNNN is a four digit number

  1. Give your bank the following bank account data:
    Owner: Bioinformatics Italian Society
    Bank: Banca Intesa
    Account number: 625014017989
    ABI: 03069 - CAB: 01749 - CIN: R
    IBAN: IT58R0306901749625014017989
    Cause: NETTAB 2010 Name Surname Category Reduction
    NB! The cause has the same format as the Motivation in the payment by credit card.
  2. Send a copy of your order by fax or email to:
    Angelo Facchiano
    ISA - Institute of Food Sciences
    CNR - National Research Council
    Avellino, Italy
    Fax: +39-0825-781585
    Email: angelo dot facchiano at isa dot cnr dot it
For any needed clarification or further information, please refer to:
Email: info at nettab dot org

Registration form

By registering, you engage yourself in paying the registration fee and in participating in the NETTAB 2010 Workshop.
Please refer to the info page for a a list of hotels where you will be able to book a room at a reduced fee.

Yes, I want to register to the NETTAB 2010 Workshop on "Biological Wikis".

I'm therefore communicating the following information (fields marked with * are mandatory):

Name *
Surname *
Email address * Check carefully your email!
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Town * Use only letters from the English alphabet!
Postal code  
Country *  
Tutorials   I won't participate in tutorials Participation in tutorials is included in the fee.
Tutorials will be held on November 29, 2010.
Please, inform us if you won't attend the tutorials by checking this box.
This information is only used for organization purpose.
You can change your decision later.
Payment method * Bank transfer
Credit card
Pay your fee by bank transfer or credit card before registering.
Please see payment instructions above!
Payment code *  
Category / fee * Student (150.00 € within October 29, 2010, 180.00 € later)
Academy/No profit (250.00 € within October 29, 2010, 300.00 € later)
Industry (350.00 € within October 29, 2010, 450.00 € later)
Tutorial only (free)
Reduction None
BITS member    ISCB member    RNBIO partner
BBCC partner    PC member    PhD student
A reduction of 20.00 euro applies to all above fees for BITS and ISCB members and for RNBIO partners.
BBCC partners, PhD students, PC members have special rates. Ask Angelo Facchiano by email (angelo dot facchiano at isa dot cnr dot it) for further information.


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